important: still on sale

Ravenna Berlino_Arte_dipinto distrutto_Bacco Artolini_Onico

important: still on sale

Important to remind, because is one of the richer works that we ever made.

Pezzo unico. From the experimental performance made in Ravenna 02.02.18 by Onico, where a piece of art has lost his form, like an Homunculus captured in a jar.

Bacco Artolini Berlino dipinto distrutto

“Icarus and Aphrodite” Bacco Artolini-Berlin 2017. Exhibited in Berlin at the “Institute fur Alle Mogliche” and in the Russian ship “Vomv Gaz”



Here the result. The only piece on sale.


Interested about it?  You can write us or you can check past articles following the story of the piece:

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