New prospective on Flat Earth Theory!

New prospective on Flat Earth Theory!

My friend, of course the Flat Earth Theory comes back again:

We are completely stucked in the two-dimensional perception, on the timeline, on the labyrinth, on the judgmental  mechanism.. Can you see it?

We are building a new labyrinth that is the final confirmation that the earth is flat.. The MICROCHIP for the minotaur!

The microchip will bring all the world in a flat piace of plastic.. And you will pay to have it under the skin! You will pay to feed your laziness!

What will come after the Flat Earth Theory?..

We will transcend with Icaro..

Or we will need a new theory.. The Flat Heart Theory!


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  • emotionsoflife2016
    Posted at 18:47h, 13 Febbraio Rispondi

    Like the fact you did it in two languages

    • baccoartolini
      Posted at 19:50h, 13 Febbraio Rispondi

      Actually, my friend i did it in three languages, italian as well 🙂 thank you bye

      • emotionsoflife2016
        Posted at 23:13h, 13 Febbraio Rispondi

        My apologies, excuse my ignorance. Thank you though

        • baccoartolini
          Posted at 00:28h, 14 Febbraio Rispondi

          Apologies for what, nono.. was nothing important, come on :))))) thank you and have a nice week

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