The Flat Earth Theory is not wrong. Why?

The Flat Earth Theory is not wrong. Why?

With this post i will investigate some interesting subjects: death,time, perception and flat earth theory.

Before start, i just want to anticipate that my way of investigation and explanation is not common i think (and furthermore my english is not great then please be patient). So just clean your mind from schemes, like you are reading a nice story, breathe, relax, concentrate and enjoy it.

In the last days, i was trying to think about the time concept, about my idea of it, about  consciousness and knowledge.. And i had a vision ( to be precise, i went on with a vision).. So let start with the Minotaur..

mino-post-copiaThe Minotaur is the perfect symbol of hybrid between animal and human. And , for me, is a perfect symbol for our  human average condition, right now. ( half Sapiens – half Neanderthalensis?  Ehehe).

So let’s start from him, let’s take it as the first character of the story ( someone have done it before us i guess).

What are his tools, his components,  to perceive the surrounding? i would say  the logic -human- and the 5 senses – animal- .

This is the dimension of scientific method.  Searching for models to confirm what 5 senses suggests. With the logic we judge what is true or false, what is positive or negative, what is right or left ecc..

We teach to the children how to protect himself from dangers, with the same approach: good and bad, dangerous and not, right and left .. He need to judge good or bad , to survive.

I think the way the children elaborates informations  is allegorically similar to the way  scientists study life..

Like a child, that is not able to leave a game with possessiveness  and lezyness, humanity is addicted to the scientific method and rational explanation, is addicted to the time line.

With the 5 senses we collect informations that we don’t use in the present. When we touch or smell something, our brain connect with past informations and the logic make an interpretation. Moreover the logic is projected on the objectives, results ecc… Then, when i see a flower, what happen? The logic of the brain gives me old informations about flowers, the 5 senses collects new informations for the future..

I see the minotaur walking on straight line, between two points, birth and death.

The time line becomes the diagonal of a disc, here we got the flat earth. The end of the timeline is the end of earth.

Of course some people say <<The earth is flat>> ! Our society is still stucked on time-line conception! We are always walking in a loop disc, we are always looking for confirmations in the past and confirmations in the future. Now i understand what The Flat Earth Society tries to explain!

But how we can continue our story? Let me introduce you to Icarus..


Icarus, the evolution of the Minotaur, needs a different propulsion to transcend the horizontal line. 5 senses and logic are not enough, he already explored all the disc with his past and future.

We could take what happened in Physics world as an  interesting example of new propulsion: Einstein gave a new meaning to the gravity, not an attractive force between bodies ( Newton’s theory), but the effect  of a physic formula that connect the geometry of space-time ( General relativity theory). Briefly, the time was assumed not as an independent dimension, but as a dimension intimately related to the space, so mach to have  jointly reactions. After this.. the Physics changed his perception.. Changed his point of view let say..

This new propulsion is the inspiration, that happen in the present.

Icarus flies high, attains the sun level, then.. He is proud of his result, he got a new tool now, the imagination.

But there is unbalance between logical approach and creative approach now..

Afrodite is the next evolution..


Icarus became Afrodite, how? With a sacrifice movement ( the sacrifice as well, is not a new concept specially in our christian culture).

He/She sacrifice the duality method, to fall deep in the other side of the truth and find the moon reflection of the sun.  The tools so useful to fly till the sun level, now are not useful anymore.

Now the story became very strange and not nice for rational people, but i have to go on!

The new tool that Afrodite can use is the magic ( i would call it unlogic tool as well). Aborigines,old egyptians, siberian shamans, native americans, african wizards ecc.. were experimenting this tool..

I guess we will need this tool, to perceive all the time as a circle, to forget the flat earth, to forget the fear of death, to forget hate and to forget wars.


Sorry if these words sounds like crazy theories or exalted visions.. The idea was to keep the tones of this explanation, more soft.. But, you know, language and hand pain distortions!

Share your feelings, don’t hesitate!