Timothy Lavenz: Myth

intervention Bacco Artolini Ribera Jose Juan Bautista street art

Timothy Lavenz: Myth


remix de Ribera Josè - Cabeza de San Juan_Bautista (1644)

intervention by Bacco Artolini on ” Cabeza de San Juan Bautista” de Ribera Jusepe (1644)




Insert sunset’s grip,

insert inner obstacle

brave: bids

be yond answering, blinds




of Days the impeccable

returned to sender without address

in connotation’s marrow


the holy fuse’s phase.


No way of knowing it

but out: speed of being

laced erratically

into radio-arrows, so that fearless

dreaming reigns in seeming true,

softening the terror

piercing sharpest night.

(Gravestate amazed

unembarassed undelayed

in coming, narrow

thoroughfare of the just

entrusted to you,

placating the unveiled

voidcraze, still counts.)

In unbloated figurance,

finally spare:


The im-

placement inself,

O clear

with you, clears



Timothy Lavenz                                                                                          Berlin 2018