Dionisio Sober or Apollo drunk?

Dionisio Sober or Apollo drunk?





This morning, I am sitting on a bench, watching the tavern in front of me:

-Apollo And Dionisio had dinner together last night:

“The Penseur”in bronze, sitting at the table with the “Barberini Faun”. Did they break the ice? And if yes,how? The first topic of conversation? And the second? And then, in what lenguage did they comunicate? With what level of euphoria? laughing or not? And what about the tip to the violinist? –

Then a girl arrives on the bench.

I can see :- Apollo And Dionisio in awkward silence, looking around, checking notifications on smartphone.  They were too afraid to communicate.

Then passed the musician playing the violin who was overtipped by both.

Finally came Aphrodite, singing on the violin notes, asking what they order to drink ….

His smile warmed the two guests ..

Which embarrassed, decided to go out and take a long walk ..