Introduction to “EXODUS” the Creatan collection – Aphrodite-

Bacco Artolini painting art collection Exodos Crete Heraklion 2016

Introduction to “EXODUS” the Creatan collection – Aphrodite-


The original Myth:

Aphrodite (the roman Venus) was born in the Aegean Sea.
Uranus (god of heaven) was castrated by his son Cronus and his penis fell into the sea. The seed mixing  with salt water, formed the foam, of whom was born the goddess, dressed in gold and landing flowers on the island of Cyprus.


Creative lucubration:

Emasculated the dual mechanism,  that infect the Minotaur, a piece of sky dives into the sea. After a bath of tears, it becomes new substance, from which originates the goddess of fertility.
Begins a new era, that of the aquarium, the tides, the woman and her veneration.
Aphrodite is pregnant, carrying a jar full of water and rides a gentle imaginary bull .. bring forth new perspectives, changes, destroys the old embankments, flooded the beaches, fields and cities ..

Aphrodite lands on the island, pregnant with a dream, she’s the same moon that Icarus searched on the other  hemisphere of perceptions. She carries in her womb the fruit of the total union between light and shadow. She washes with the tides, divine embrace, splays channels, eases tensions… Squints to see the beauty ..

And Zephyr, in her gold hair, blowing trajectories to queen bees ..
honey nests on the edges of the maze ..


Amazing impollination.. the flower of life need it..


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