Introduction to “EXODUS” the Cretan collection – Icarus-

Introduction to “EXODUS” the Cretan collection – Icarus-



The original myth:
Icarus son of Daedalus, was born in Crete and was imprisoned with his father in the labirinth. Daedalus built it the wings of feathers and wax with which they managed to excape. Despite the warnings of his father, Icarus, crazy for enthusiasm flew too close to the sun, the wax on the wings melts and he felt into the sea where he died.
His body, became the current island of Icaria.

Creative interpretation:

Icarus grows with his father Daedalus, which provides him scientific education, thanks to which he can spend perceive the first phase of his life and find a way out of the maze (which ironically had been built by the same education – see post Minotaur -).

Then he flies more and more away from his father, to glimpse the truth, burning his wings.
Icarus abandons dual rationality and dive into the depth of the universe, in search of the moon.


He find in the abyss a marmaid, the moon, the yin… ¬†And then becomes island, to protect by the emotional currents, Afrodite, the result of ¬†inner unification.

On the island will born new individual.

..the sun watch his reflection in the sea and recognizes the moon ..


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