Visualising Trappist-1

Visualising Trappist-1

You must have heard of the magnificent scientific confirmation; around  Trappist-1, red dwarf ultracold star, the orbits of 7 exoplanets, very similar to the Earth, have been discovered  . ( HERE  an article from theGuardian).

I thought … What a interesting coincidence .. the Red Dwarf Star is in the constellation Aquarius,  referred as the next astrological age .. And the planets are 7 .. 7 as the musical notes, such as the 7 main chakras, 7 as the 7 theosophical rays, etc .. in short,  i had a series of no-scientific links, that i want to tell you very briefly.

Trappist 1 Afrodite

Then .. Humanity is evolving in parallel two new Eyes:

-One Is the often cited Third eye, pineal gland, in short, a channel able to light where only the imagination can explore.

-the Other Eye is the Technology, new telescopes like the Trappist-south or the Very Large Telescope system or already old Hubble, which more and more powerful, are able to see light in the depths of the sky.

Surely, this discovery is fascinating, but do not forget, however, the three-dimensional view that biological evolution suggests us.

So maybe ..

Only by coordinating both eyes humanity will be able to stretch out his hand and grab a new juicy fruit ..

PS: Of course, to grab it we will also need the opposable thumb. Hopefully we will not lose this evolutionary gift in the carpal tunnel of a touch screen existence!